Clean Energy, Advanced Materials 
& New Mobility
Focus Areas

We help build companies that are engaged in select clean energy, advanced materials, and new mobility industry sectors. Our overarching theme is disruptive environmental sustainability.  Within these focus areas, we are biased toward value chain positions and markets that our team deeply understands.
Clean Energy

Technologies focused on energy efficiency, alternative fuels and renewable energy.

Disruptive improvements in components and new business models that make a meaningful change for operating an end device such as a solar PV system.

Advanced Materials

Materials such as thin-film coatingsnano-particles, and biomaterials as well as additive manufacturing technologies that disrupt supply chains in large markets. 

Biomaterials are synthetic ingredients for replacing animal agriculture products such as for clean meat.

New Mobility

Connected, autonomous, shared, and electric transportation, known as CASE.  

Emphasis is on solutions that leverage big data, AI, 5G, commercial fleets, and cyber security with short pathways to market and capital efficiency.